Cinch Skirt

Another easy project to make you feel all shiny and new for your next night on the town! All you need is about 1 yard of fabric. First, cut a strip off one of the long sides with which you'll make your cinching band. Make the strip about 5 inches wide- you'll fold it over- wrong-side-out, sew it up the long edge and up one end, turn it right side out and then sew up the other end so you have a finished band. Alternatively, you could pick ribbon that goes with whatever fabric you pick, and then eliminate this step (even better). Next you'll take your big fabric piece- depending on how long you want the skirt to be, fold it in half lengthwise with the "right" side facing inward, and pin up the long edge. Then sew the edge. Turn the panel right-side-out, and then press the seam you just sewed so that it lands not on the edge, but about 4 inches from the edge. This way when you're wearing the skirt, you won't see the seam at all, it will be hidden up from the bottom of the skirt. Now fold your pressed panel in half, wrong-side-out, and pin the open edges together, and sew a seam there. Now turn right side out- you'll now have a giant circle of fabric. Then cut small slits in even increments across the top of the skirt, about 4 inches down from the top edge- then loop your band or ribbon through the slits in an "in and out" motion. Tah dah! You're all finished! Step into the skirt, cinch it up, tie it off, head out the door!