Baby Gifts!

Ok, so I have at least 3 baby gifts to give in the upcoming months (slash one is really past due- sorry Amanda!) and I wanted to make something super cute and practical for these friends....I have seen darling hooded baby towels online before, made by companies such as Dwell- they're all so cute, and well, so ridic expensive- honestly, what baby needs a $60 towel? So I thought I'd give it a go on my own. I am super happy with the outcome, and it seriously only took about an hour total to make- going to start mass-producing....here's how I did it:

First, pick out a fun cotton fabric and some terry cloth for the lining. Cut two rectangles with the fabric layered on top of the terry cloth so you have matching sized pieces. One rectangle will be the hood part, so it will be much smaller than the other rectangle, which will be the body of the towel. For the hood piece, layer the fabric and terry cloth with the correct sides together on the inside, and pin up 3 of the sides. Then you'll sew up all 3 sides, and then turn right-side-out. Repeat with bigger rectangle. Once you have the 3 sides all sewn up, tuck the edges of the 4th side of the hood piece inward, to make a clean closure, and pin up and sew together that final side. Don't close up the bigger rectangle yet.

Then, take your sewn-together hood piece and fold it in half inside out. Make a stitch along one of the sides coming off the fold to make the hood shape. Then take the remaining long side of the hood piece and tuck it into the 4th side of the bigger towel piece- tuck in the edges of the towel piece around the hood piece, and pin together- then sew up. And you're all finished! Now you have a designed-esq baby towel that didn't cost an arm and a leg!

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  1. Hey...I hear you are going to need some hooded towels :) CONGRATULATIONS!
    Aunt Jane :)