Getting it going....

Ok, so one of my magnificent friends recently started her own blog- it's pretty genius by the way- and she inspired me to start my own as well...so here I go. Here's the idea- "Not Your Martha's Blog" - ok, so stop, rewind, a bit of background is in order. So I try to be as creative as possible and have recently found myself delving into all sorts of artistic outlets- most of my obsessions with these outlets originated from the Bravo network and all of its glorious reality TV shows. For example, upon watching Project Runway for the first time, I exclaimed, "I wanna be a fashion designer." So the very next Christmas my lovely parents gave me a sewing machine, and off I went. I also find great joy in cooking, decorating, and trying to get my friends to let me help plan their weddings.....now, there's a hitch.....I'm not really a fashion designer, nor am I a top chef, a savvy interior designer, or a wedding coordinator, I'm just a person who finds herself constantly thinking of fun stuff to get into and create. On more than one occasion when unveiling a recent creation, a friend has said to me, "oh, you're soooo Martha!" To which I always reply, at least in my head, "ugh, can't I just be Leigh Ann?" So, this blog is for all of you out there who like to create, whatever the creation may be, whether you do it to make a living, or just to make living more fun.

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  1. ohhhhh give me more!!! yay!!! not martha's blog...better! :)