Alter Your Clothes

Basic A-Line to Flirty Bubble!
So right now might not be the time to go out and spend tons of money on new clothes, eh? Well how about reinvent your current wardrobe instead? Here's a really simple (and free) way to make a new garment out of an old one! I took this basic A-line skirt and transformed it into a flirty bubble skirt just by adding a few safety pins......take a basic skirt and lay it out on the floor so that the bottom of the skirt is spread evenly in a circle. Grab about 10-12 safety pins and pull the bottom hem of the skirt, and pin it up into the inside, creating a bubbly hem with each pin. Do this so that the pins are spread out evenly with roughly the same amount of space in between each. And you're done! This skirt is so cute, and it makes what might have been an old boring skirt into a flirty, and teensie bit flashy, skirt you can wear out on the weekend, feeling fabulous!


  1. coool!!! love that skirt in general...and the freshy fresh one too!

  2. that is adorable...and i'm jealous that i'm not that crafty.