Baby Shower Activity (and Decor and Gift)

Ok, so as before on this blog, I am going to feature a stolen idea- well, most of it was stolen, I suppose I added the element of it being an activity done at the baby shower, rather than before the shower, but whatevs, it's mostly stolen (yea for originality, right?). Recently at a shower for my friend Jane (the original onesie embellisher) the gals who threw the shower had the great idea to have everyone bring a onesie they had embellished and hang them all on a clothesline at the party- they doubled as a cute decor element and gifts! So I ran with that idea, and for a couple's baby shower we just had for our friends Leah and Kirk, we had a onesie-making station at the party to get everyone involved. Then as people made their own masterpieces, we hung them on the clothesline- adding to the cute baby decor! All you need to copy this fun idea is the following:
  • onesies- wash them first (get different sizes so the babe will have some to grow into!)
  • an iron
  • an ironing board
  • double-sided iron-on adhesive
  • scrap pieces of fabric
  • scissors

I went ahead and ironed the adhesive onto the scrap pieces before the party so that all the guests had to do was cut out their shapes, peel off the adhesive paper, place the shape on the onesie and press with the iron! (as demonstrated here by the lovely Kalyn) This is such a fun and easy activity and it's a great way to get everyone involved in the party without making them play painful baby shower games! (even the guys got involved with this one!) Have fun!

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