Dinner for One

Here's a throw back to my girl Ashley and our low-carb meals we used to make out in California (while we were hiding from the crazies). Ever need to throw together a meal for one? Want to keep it low carb, but yummy? Yea, me too....so here's the Un-burger, with mushrooms and swiss. It's not particularly fancy, but it is super tasty! Just chop up some onion, rinse off some button mushrooms, and throw it all into a skillet with a ground beef patty, season it all with salt and pepper, and drizzle a bit of Worcestershire sauce, cover on medium heat for about 4 minutes, flip once, wait 4 more minutes, right at the end, toss on a slice of swiss cheese, and call it a dinner! Eat with a fork instead of a bun, and use sauces like ketchup or sriracha sauce to jazz it up. Just one plate, and just one skillet make for super fast and easy cleanup! (of course, you could do this meal for more than one person, just more food and a bigger skillet- same everything else!)

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