Flip Your Flops

In keeping with the tradition of embellishing old clothing/accessories to make something fresh and new for the 'ol wardrobe, I've dressed up these old flip flops from H&M. To do it yourself, all you need is an old pair of flops, needle and thread, some fabric to use for your embellishment, and a safety pin. First, cut 2 pieces of fabric for your embellishment, as well as straps (about 1 inch wide, and as long as you need for it to go around your ankle and tie in a knot). The embellishment pieces should be shaped like very long triangles; fold in half, wrong-side-out, and sew up the long edge; turn right-side-out. Press the embellishment pieces so that the seam runs up the middle. On the wide end of the triangle, fold the edge over (toward the seam side) to make about a 1 inch hole through which the ankle strap will go, sew across. Then sew up the middle of the embellishment piece with needle and thread with stitches about 1/4 inch apart- then pull to gather. Tie off the thread when the embellishment is gathered enough to make the piece the right length to sit on top of your foot- from the spot on the flip flop where you'll attach it, to your ankle. Then take the gathered embellishment piece and sew it onto the flip flop, seam side down. Using a safety pin, lace your ankle strap through the 1 inch hole you've made where the embellishment will meet your ankle. Voila- strap 'em on!

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