Don't Fret!

So sorry that I have been neglecting my creative duties- have been on vacay with our glorious friends Cara and Lee, as well as with the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Mantravadi. Cara and Lee live in Salt Lake City, which is such a cool and beautiful place- they were nice enough to put us up for 5 days and take us all around town! Thanks, guys, we had a blast!!! Then it was to Vegas, which is where I am currently stranded, cursing the Southwest Airlines powers-that-be who provided us with the simple explanation- "oops, we oversold your flight, you've been involuntarily bumped" - lovely, thanks so much for that...as if I had nothing to do back at home!! Sorry, so annoyed...anywho, I promise to get back to blogging about food, fashion, and other fun stuff just as soon as I return to real life! Check back soon!

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  1. THANK YOU for blessing us with your presence...it was so fun!! We love you guys, duh. I think your home now, hopefully ;)