Not Tryin' to Brag...

....well, ok, maybe I am, just a little...but I wanted to share with you all my newest creation! I found this fabric at Textile, which is a great fabric store here in Nashville- they had apparently just unloaded the "glorious designer fabric" truck, and there it was staring me in the eye, the most beauteous Carolina Herrera fabric my eyes had ever seen! So of course I just had to have it- I told my Mom about it, and she was nice enough to make it one of by birthday presents (how nice is that!!???). I promised I'd do her proud, so hopefully I did.....I just made a simple shift dress, which is basically just a rectangle sewed together, with sleeves.
Ok, yes, when I wore this in Vegas, some guy did ask me, "hey, is that a space suit?" But I didn't let it sting me- this fabric is way too cool, and clearly that guy didn't know anything about how glorious Carolina Herrera is!

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  1. Beautiful! Love the fabric! Did you make your own pattern?