Fraud Alert!!

Ok, so I blatantly stole this super cute idea from my friend Jane, who is a complete craft genius! This is such an easy and fun project and such a thoughtful way to put your own spin on a baby gift- personalize away! All you need for this project is the following:
  • Some baby onsies;
  • Fabric with which to make your appliques;
  • Double-sided iron-on adhesive

Iron on the adhesive to the wrong side of the fabric you'll use, cut into desired shape, and then iron on to the onsies. Taking a cue from Jane, I also stitched these in a couple places, if not all the way around, so that they'll hold up in the washer. Tie them up in a cute little bow, and you have yourself a perfect baby gift! Have fun!

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  1. LA, your designer onsies are so cute and I know Finn will look ever cuter when he has one on!